More Speed, Security and Flexibility

By using the latest interface technology with HTML5 based on Angular, the new OMN5 is supported by all common browsers such as Chrome or Firefox. The implementation in the new HTML5 web standard also enables the strongest protection of your data to date. Thanks to cloud-based services, you can work with OMN anytime, anywhere.

self-explaining Design Concept for intuitive Usability

The consistent design concept makes it easier for users to work with the powerful OMN software. The direct insight into InDesign documents or PDFs increased efficiency when working. The improved tools for online content editing, for example, allow correction workflows to be carried out without separate software.


The redesigned editors in OMN5 offer new possibilities for determining sections of images and for online editing of images. Documents, online banners and social media snippets can be designed in the Patch+Brief plug-in according to your corporate identity, independent of the agency. Product information can be edited in table mode – editing following the example of Excel – “easy”!

ELASTICSEARCH – Faster Than They can say “Search”

Elasticsearch is Open Source and the most modern and best search solution on the market. Its high speed, the great versatility of its applications and its precision in use make it the tool of choice for finding anything in OMN5 at any time.

What is Angular?

Angular is one of the most popular and frequently used JavaScript frameworks. It is open source, licensed under the MIT license and actively supported by Google. The code base has been completely rewritten and is now based on the TypeScript language. The focus of the project has expanded from the development of a framework to the development of a whole platform for web applications.