Always up-to-date

Thanks to agile bi-weekly development sprints, OMN5 continues to stay at the cutting edge of technology. Unit tests, integration tests and automated E2E tests ensure smooth updates during your daily work.

Leading Open Source Technology

By using the latest open source technology, we are always one step ahead of our competitors. With Elasticsearch you can retrieve all your data with an enormously high speed. The results can then be facetted filtered and opened and edited with just one click. Processes are planned, implemented and controlled with the leading workflow technology Camunda. The modelling of workflows is available for developers as well as designed to be user-friendly for users.

Adaptable to any System

EAI (Enterprise Application Integration) enables flexible and easily extensible system integrations while providing extensive possibilities for importing and exporting various data.

Efficient Marketplace Connection

With the marketplace connection via the OMN-Connector you can place your products directly in all relevant marketplaces. Your product information will be automatically adapted to the specifications or placed according to the marketplace transformed. Thanks to the connection of marketplaces in over 42 countries, you can also quickly expand your internationalization strategy.

What does Open mean?

The term open source refers to the free availability of software source codes which can be used and modified free of charge within the framework of open source licensing models. The advantage is that open source software is constantly being developed and updates are immediately available to all users. Furthermore, the user group is so large that bugs can be found and fixed quickly.